Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A fiery collective of absurdity and madness, rolled into a rock’n’roll machine of power.

Loud, fast, obnoxious bursts of guitar fuelled mayhem, the band was formed by Gaz Moutpiece and Derek Jihad, armed with a blistering bag of riffs and a voracious thirst for everything, they recruited Tommy Trousers on bass duties and set off on the road.

Tours of Holland, Ireland and festival appearances ensued and Moutpiece was brought to the masses, who enjoyed it immensely.

Now with added guitaring by Conzo Hercules and a new album about to be unleashed onto the streets, Moutpiece are a rabid animal frothing at the jowls and biting to kill with the use of guitars and drums.

The debut album of instant rock classics is awaiting a launch to propel it into the annals of punk history. Recorded, mixed and mastered by the boys in the Hive Studios in Kilcoole Co. Wicklow, it will soon be a must have in every music fanatic's collection.

Stay tuned for further details