Thursday, February 19, 2009


That's right you lucky bastids. The twelve song debut platter is now available for purchase. You can pick it up in quality Dublin record shops-

Road Records on Fade Street
Spindizzy in Georges Street Arcade
City Discs in Temple Bar
The Secret Book and Record Shop on Wicklow Street.
Horror Business at the back of the Foggy Dew

You can also pick up records in Portland, Oregon USA's finest Record stores

Green Noise Records- 2615 SE Clinton St (mail order available to yous yanks)
2nd Avenue Records-400 SW 2nd Ave
Everyday Music- 1313 W. Burnside

We're gonna try to get off our holes and actually send copies to the distros that have asked for them as well.We'll try to get paypal together so we can send it to anybody not lucky enough to live in Dublin Rock City. If you want a copy and don't know how to get one, send us a message at or check us out on facebook and we'll see what we can do.

Launch Day Photos

The Inter

DJ's Gazzy Wazzy and Wrongspeed

Album Launch

After 4 recording sessions, two of which were erased and one of which just wasn't up to Moutpiece's lofty standards, 3 record pressing plants, one of which went out of business and another that again was not up to Moutpiece's lofty standards, the debut, self titled Moutpiece album is now available. 12 songs of raw guitar driven power etched onto virgin black vinyl, it looks great, it sounds great. No serious record collection can be considered complete without a copy. The album was launched on 27th September in the International Bar, Dublin. Support was provided by Wicklow Rock'n'Rollers- The Evil Knievels and Sligo punk hooligans Excuses. Festivities kicked off at 3 pm and the gig was followed by an 8 hour DJ set courtesy of Gaz and the Yank. It was a truly historic day of drinkin' and rockin'.