Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holy Fuck it's 2010 ya'll

With all of the new sites that everybody just has to be on, this site has been seeing very little action. While it is a Wednesday morning and I am feeling like updating this bad boy and taking on the world, that feeling may fade and once again, this site will languish on the periphery of the Moutpiece Empire. If you want to contact us and/or keep up to date with the goings on of Dublin’s finest Alco Dadz, befriend/check out our myspace site or our Facebook site. Conversely, keep an eye on this site and I’ll try to keep it up to date.

So what has been going on?

2009 was very good to Moutpiece. We played some great gigs, sold a good few records, got a bit of travel in, and still managed to increase the Moutpiece family’s family by one. We started off the year with the Rockfest II, which was one hell of a partay and a great gig to boot.

We played an all-dayer in Galway with loads of bands, although we were back on the train to Dublin by 7 with a tray of Lager that sadly, didn’t make it back off the train.

We rocked the balmy summer evening that was The Night in the Stix, going on just before Coitus featuring our dear friend Skinny RIP.

We took part in the seshooooon that was this year’s Punx Picnic.

We played the GGI in Glasgow, which nearly cost us our Gaz.(Photos courtesy of Cinderz)

We played the Freebooters and the Excuses possible last gig in Fibbers. Too bad the Excuses couldn’t make their own last gig.

And we ended the year with the annual Moutpiece Xmas all-dayer which again proved to be one of Dublin’s drunkest days. Due to a snow/ice related incident, young Mr. Trousers was replaced by young Damo of some of Dublin's finest Punk spectacles. He did a stand up job and is a truly stand up bloke. Trousers was missed as it was a outstanding day of debacherous behaviour.

2010 looks to be picking up where ’09 left off. Two gigs in and they have both been smoking. One with English 80’s hardcore enthusiasts- The Shitty Limits

and the other with Medway’s finest garage rock outfit, The Len Price 3.

Photos for both gigs to follow.

We’ve also managed to record 5 songs for what is to become the next Moutpiece Long player. Don’t hold your breath for a release date, but if the tracks done are any indication, and they are, this record is gonna kick ass.