Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Looking for something to post about the GGI, found this on the Internuts in Dutch and stuck it into Google Translator with hilarious results.

EasyJet had a hard time the last weekend of May 25 when some punk rockers from the city with a weekend return ticket from Dublin to pocket a stopover in London made the skies unsafe with an endless thirst for Irish whiskey and Guinness.
Fleas And lice, Makiladoras and PCP, three prominent hardcore bands from the city were invited to play at the GGI (Groningen, Glasgow, Ireland) Festival in Wexford, Ireland. A two day punk festival organized by the former guitarist of Brawl, one of the best Irish punk bands of the 90s. The band does not exist anymore, however, the punk spirit still. It was a fantastic weekend where cheap cider and dark beer flowed generously and even the sun shone abundantly in predominantly wet Ireland. Around 500 visitors had their tents set up and the atmosphere was great.
Besides a reunion with old friends was also a wonderful opportunity to see which bands Scotland, Ireland and of course Groningen now has. Fat searing engine hardcore punk and trendy to drunken songs and skapunk. All styles were well represented in the self-fashioned tent with dry straw on the floor after two days celebration looked like a cowshed which was rushed through a stampei.
Highlights included a memorable performance of lice Fleas And with singer Robbie unstable, dangerous bumps on bare feet with a musical duel waged singer Esther, the elements, the Irish Blood Or Whiskey-shot answer to the Pogues, the tent where the bellowing crowd almost out of joint snapped, the Glasgow-based Los Destructos (Solid rock'n roll with a nod to Motorhead) and the Dublin based Malt Piece, a band under the inspiring leadership of singer / guitarist Safe Gary, on the second day the festival was chased by a horde of horny guys just like peeking under his dress. He is also a sexbom on boxes.

Next year, hopefully the sequel to the now legendary festival in Groningen, tonight you get a preview of Malt Piece babe magnet and Gary Safe. He lived 5 years in New York where he played guitar to include Joneskrusher, MDC and Electric Frankenstein, before returning to Dublin in 2002 and it started up with Malt Piece Brawl bassist Tommy Trousers. Besides energetic as its coat is a great punk outfit Malt Piece, where the rugged guitar riffs fly your ears like hail from the barrel of a gun. The vocals and scorching snerend chalk on a blackboard and bangs the drums as if coming from Portland drummer "The Yank" on the heels by a horde of madmen. The songs are tightly packed tightly constricted as a belt and dirty as a vat of excrement. The pace is similar to a Dead Kennedys album, the music contributed to The Misfits and The Dickies with a thick finger moving in the westcoast punkpap like The Dwarves, Zeke and Poison Idea.

So, is there anyone out there wants a bit of That Irish in theme?

The GGI is on this weekend. We are playing on the Sunday afternoon at about 14.00. Gonna be deadly craic all round. Check the link below for more info and directions to the venue. See yas there if you're up for the rock.